Bad quality of the air in the rooms is one of reasons of the popularly existing allergic diseases and cancers, due to influence of excessive amounts of  microorganisms, mould, fungi and carcinogenic substances. We observe a lack of common consciousness about so called ill building syndrome, featured by
inefficient natural ventilation. Requirements on energy saving, caused tendencies to almost perfect tight sealing of windows, doors and walls.
World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned the bad air quality as one of the three main death reasons (approx. 2 million annually).
AIRCARE is the most innovative multifunctional cleaner for effective air treatment, we breathe every day spending time in closed rooms. The appliance is designed for house use and for public rooms, for example kindergartens, school classrooms, offices, hospitals or restaurants.
The Multifunctional Air Cleaner AIRCARE carries the Hygienic Certificate issued by National Institute of Hygiene. Eliminates almost 100% of substances hazardous for human health, such as dust, plant- and animal allergens and toxic substances. It restores the favourable air parameters, providing perfect conditions for organisms function, reducing tobacco smoke and ionises the negative air particles. It is the best solution for health protection for everybody, not only people suffering from allergy, asthma or smokers.


Additionally, the device is very efficient in absorbing the impurities, contained in the smog, that has infiltrated from the environment into the room.


Catalogue AIRCARE

Declaration of conformity EC AIRCARE