About Us

KLIMAWENT S.A. is a company existing from 1992.

After the years of gaining the position of a leader inthe field of filtering units on the Polish market, our company startedexporting the products with European, American and Middle East markets.

In 2009 the company was transformed into a joint-stockcompany. Within our product palette there are 7 groups of products, i.e. fans,blowers, filtering units, vehicle exhaust extractors, cigarette smokeabsorbers, automatic snow removers of roofs as wellas a complement for our product assortment – ventilation accessories.

All solutions are copyright achievements of our teamof engineers. Manufacturing proceeds within our own workshop under thethorough supervision of KLIMAWENT technologists.

Continually, our company invests in moderninfrastructure, advanced technologies as well as updatingqualifications of our employees. Especially, we put emphasis onto development of ourenterprise.

Innovative implementations that we are carrying out onthe basis of the tests of our Development and Research Laboratory contribute tosuccess of our company.

Our mission is:
– to provide clean air to people working in harmful tohealth conditions,
– to provide safety of buildings due to the system ofautomatic snow removing from the roofs.