Industrial fans and filtering units – Klimawent S.A.

Klimawent S.A. is a manufacturer of high quality industrial fans, filtering units, welding local exhausts and vehicle exhaust extractors. Efficiently functioning ventilation as one of the most important environmental requirements is crucial in each enterprise. We do our best to protect effectively workers from noxious emissions in the air by offering our fans and other filtering units.

Our mission is to deliver high-tech solutions performing appropriate ventilation in the dust-laden or gas-polluted environment at your workplace. Considering your various and considerable requirements, we offer high-tech industrial fans, various explosion-proof fans, cabins for cigarette smokers, vehicle exhaust extractors, local exhausts (among others welding fume extractors and filtering units). Due to our solutions, your ventilation within the process halls and workplaces shall be more effective, environment-friendly and at low price.

We will take care about better ventilation at your work environment.
Klimawent S.A. as a worldwide leading producer of ventilation invites for cooperation.